August 28, 2017

Why Delight?

Purposes of this blog:

  • to share the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • to learn and make connections
  • to remember the small things
  • to increase my ability to feel gratitude
  • to add some good to the world
  • to keep a life record
  • to share insights and blessings
  • to uplift others by sharing good things
  • to gain perspective

Why Daily Delights?

Initially I began this blog for all the reasons I listed in this post: Why ANOTHER Blog?

Now, 20 months however many months later,  my reasons are mostly the same but my conviction of the importance of seeing the little things and delighting in them is stronger than ever.

When I began daily delights or as I like to think of it at times deliberately finding something to delight in—life was different than it is now.  The nature of what I was doing at that time was much more “other focused.”  Now I am in a position in life where I easily find myself in a “me focused world.”  It is so easy to get carried away in all the things that aren’t working, that aren’t easy or that aren’t panning out the way that I hoped. Deliberately delighting helps me stay on track.  It helps me maintain a much needed perspective in my life–“that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance” (1 Nephi 1: 17, Book of Mormon).

And so, my invitation to you is to find something good in your life.  Some days are bountiful and it can be difficult to choose just one, other days you might have to think really hard, but something will always come. And as you look for those daily delights more regularly, you’ll be able to recognize them more readily.

Some questions to help you get started:

  • What happened today that made me smile?
  • What is a tiny little thing that turned my day around?
  • How have I seen the Lord’s hand in my life today?
  • What did I do to help another today?
  • Did I cheer someone up or bring a smile to their face?
  • Did I share with someone how grateful I was for them or something they did?
  • When did I feel the Spirit today?

“To delight in Him is to acknowledge His hand in our lives.”

-Susan W. Tanner (here)