I’m baaack!

I have so delighted in my two-week vacation. During that time I’ve been in 5 states and slept where my window let in the sound of water–ocean or lake, every single night. Its been a jam-packed crazy two weeks but I’ve loved and appreciated every minute of it. Updates to come–mostly on my other blog. Read more about I’m baaack![…]

When it rains, it pours.

Its been raining for two days. The sun has not been seen. Life is mirroring the weather as the rest of this week will include lesson planning, dvd watching (previous client sessions), quiz studying, reading, relief society lesson planning, 13.1 mile walking, antiquing, gathering, and writing. What a weekend.

I delight in July.

Its the close of July. I can’t believe its finally come and gone. Its been a great month. And so…goodnight July…its been great. Good morning August. You hold many unknowns but I think I’m finally ready to just say it… bring it on!