Today, I delighted in going to work.

That’s right friends. Real work.  With pay!  And benefits!That’s a first (the benefits I mean)! I am the newest Speech Pathologist at Primary Children’s!!!  Technically I work at their Bountiful and Ogden Outpatient Clinics. I am elated about the entire situation. As I sat in orientation today, I couldn’t help but think about how blessed Read more about Today, I delighted in going to work.[…]

I delight in Grad School Graduation.

I posted this same collection (close) on facebook but I had to post it here because well…this blog will outlive my facebook and this is the space I can give a little more commentary. This graduation was a really big deal to me.  It doesn’t even seem quite real yet.  You see while education has Read more about I delight in Grad School Graduation.[…]

I delight in integration.

“Pondering often precedes contentment.” During a Sunday School discussion of 2 Nephi 31-33, the same word kept coming to mind. Integrate. As a “Graduate Student SLP” I have spent a bit of time working on thought integration with patients. Particularly those with right CVAs (or cerebral vascular accidents, otherwise known as a stroke). These discussions Read more about I delight in integration.[…]

I delight in copious amounts of watermelon.

Every Wednesdays, I get to have adventures that result in this. The picture above was the ‘popcorn disaster of social skills 2011.’ Today’s results weren’t much better. Almost every chair was overturned. Luckily it all only happened in the last 2 minutes. Needless to say, Wednesdays are the days when nothing but clinic happens until Read more about I delight in copious amounts of watermelon.[…]