i delight in family and history.

pearls of history  (grandpa on the left, grandparents engagement photo in the middle and grandma on her tricycle on the right) taken in the 1920s and 1940s scanned by erin Today was a really great day.  I put life together again in my room so I can stand living in it for however long I’m Read more about i delight in family and history.[…]

I delight in being home for the holidays.

these folks are no longer my neighbors but i have enjoyed their decorations for EVERY holiday…they’re hardcore Well I’m playing the catch up game but the end of the story is–I’m home for Christmas and couldn’t be happier. The past week has been incredible–incredibly stressful and incredibly joyful! I finished my last final ever. Boy Read more about I delight in being home for the holidays.[…]