I delight in loving my little life.

this is the quilt i’ll be making (although i’ll be doing a different version but essentially the squares are the same).work:  Today, I was a commuter in the Salt Lake Valley.  Oi!  Going to the Sandy Clinic was such a great experience!  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to observe so many awesome clinician’s during Read more about I delight in loving my little life.[…]

I delight in picture taking.

Until today, I hadn’t taken a “real picture” (aka, with a camera that is not my iphone) since Christmas. Spending time with LB and the dogs was just the ticket. This summer, I fully intend to take more real pictures. Pictures of people, pictures of places, pictures of unique things.

I delight in being home for the holidays.

these folks are no longer my neighbors but i have enjoyed their decorations for EVERY holiday…they’re hardcore Well I’m playing the catch up game but the end of the story is–I’m home for Christmas and couldn’t be happier. The past week has been incredible–incredibly stressful and incredibly joyful! I finished my last final ever. Boy Read more about I delight in being home for the holidays.[…]