I delight in the Ogden Half #2.

Once upon a time, two girls were best friends.  They survived elementary school, junior high school and high school together. They went to separate universities but stayed best friends.  They graduated with their bachelors, thought masters degrees were good ideas and looked forward to the day they would graduate in spring of 2012.  To get Read more about I delight in the Ogden Half #2.[…]

I delight in feast.

And I’m not talking food. I’m talking about abundance. Specifically an abundance of good things. Miracles even. Things going better than expected, answers to prayers coming more clearly, those around me in need of blessings being blessed, good friends, growing friendships, future anticipations, smiles, service opportunities, daily delights. Lesson learned: Never underestimate our Heavenly Father’s Read more about I delight in feast.[…]

I delight in beautiful days.

my favorite view in the world. photo by me! Words can’t describe all the beautiful things about my day. While moments have been quite frustrating there is such joy in knowing…its all going to be okay! 🙂 Happy day!