I delight in knowing forever.

grandma’s funeral april 2014 Grandma would have loved the gathering of people who all came together on Tuesday. As I saw face after face, heard memory after memory, got hug after hug and laugh after laugh, I couldn’t help but think…she just would have loved this.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to speak Read more about I delight in knowing forever.[…]

I delight in Grad School Graduation.

I posted this same collection (close) on facebook but I had to post it here because well…this blog will outlive my facebook and this is the space I can give a little more commentary. This graduation was a really big deal to me.  It doesn’t even seem quite real yet.  You see while education has Read more about I delight in Grad School Graduation.[…]


For those of you who know me, you probably know that I already have TWO other blogs. You also know that I have to have a reason for pretty much everything I do…no spontaneity here! And so…the explanation for this…a third blog: Before I left on a mission for my church I set up a Read more about Why ANOTHER Blog?[…]