I delight to fill a need.

temple square, Christmas 2017

This year, one of my goals is to pray every morning that I can “fill a need.” We are only 3 days into a new year but already I can tell that this is one of those goals you set and are forever changed by it.

Someone in my church congregation mentioned that they had a professor (I think) who talked about how each of us can fill a need for someone else. It resonated with me. Sometimes when I have prayed that I might be able to serve someone, or lift them up, or help them feel loved; I’ve felt burdened by how emotional the load was expected to be. Helping someone feel loved seemed like they’d first need to recognize that they needed love and that I was loving them and then we’d both have to know that it worked! Somehow “fill a need” seemed simple but strong and straightforward.

On the first of January, I filled a need that I can’t remember, yesterday I filled a need by being a temple patron on a very small session at the temple, and today, I filled a need by helping a friend and fellow therapist with some questions she had about some of her patients. Each night as I have reflected on what “fill a need” looked like today, something has come to mind even though I didn’t recognize it at the time. I recognize that this is the influence of the Holy Spirit helping me to see how the Lord has used me as a tool as I have asked for his help.

What a great reminder this is to me that the Lord will use us as His tools when we ask. That all He requires of us is our willingness and really our invitation to Him for His help. I think this is what He means when He says, “I stand at the door and knock.” He is there but we must make the invitation to let Him enter.

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