I delight in 2017.

JoyFULL has been the word of the 2017 year. This year was definitely FULL of JOY but it was also just really FULL. This year, I learned to embrace my present circumstances in a whole new and vulnerable (for me) way. I’m so grateful for 2017. It wasn’t year of any grand extravagance in travel or experience but it was a good year for growing, for getting organized, for gaining grounds on getting out of debt (I only have house debt but still…oy!). It was a year of bringing people into my home. It was a year of enjoying my current surroundings. And it was a year of learning. And I love to learn. And so, in traditional fashion…here are some of the highlights…


erin’s highlights from 2017

paddle boarding on hebgen lake with Nicole—bear lake with nat and the kids

another new niece, Hadley—another year working in the Bountiful temple—a trip to Cincinnati

making delicious Indian food in the instant pot—Martina McBride at Tuachan with Mary

cash only/year of Dave Ramsey—lots of walks—an Elsa bathroom—7 trips to the cabin

experienced Yellowstone in the snow—u of u gymnastics meets–choir directing

scripture share at my house—early morning walks with Theresa—podcasts

sewing all things with American flags—cleaning out the storage room

becoming not allergic to kitty—cross stitching—goals and power sheets

sister sleepovers—great music—decorating to the point of cozy and home

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