I delight in Christmas.

I love Christmas time and this Christmas has been no exception. It has been filled with joy, with service, with love, with friends, with family, with snow, with lights, with hope, and with peace. It has also been filled with rush, with busy, with tired, with grumps, with forgetfulness, with selfishness, and with disappointment. And that’s okay. I’m okay with the paradox of the holidays. At the end of the day though there are some lessons I’m leaving the holidays with that I hope I can record and remember for future reference…

  • Plan in advance. You’re organized Erin so actually get and stay organized over the holidays. And by golly, find your address book and put all your wrapping materials in the same place.
  • Make time. Don’t over commit yourself. Ensure that the necessary things happen. For example: going to temple square, visiting your neighbors and delivering gifts, visiting friends and delivering gifts, and sleepovers with the sis.
  • Sleep. The time change messes with you anyway and the holidays get your sleep schedule all out of wack. Make sure you take care of yourself so you can be your happy and alert self (and not take 3 naps by 12:30 on Christmas morning).
  • Social. You love people and you’ll always choose people over all these things so plan accordingly.
  • Christmas Eve. Warning that you always get the grumps on Christmas Eve. Take yourself for a walk and get your gratitude on. Get some perspective through a walk and some fresh air. You’ll feel better. Promise.
  • Serve. Make room for service. Seek the opportunities and they’ll come. Recognize them for what they are.
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