I delight in singing.

This post unintentionally goes with the last post that I wrote in that…I love music. It truly is one of my favorite things. I’m not a musician. I don’t write music. Goodness, I don’t actually read music. I don’t play any instruments. And I’m not in the know about musical theory either but none of those things are barriers. They never have been.

I have always loved to sing. I remember as a little girl, I made myself a microphone out of tissue paper, a paper towel roll and tape. I would go in my room and sing and sing and dance and I loved every minute of it. I performed in singing groups for years and loved those times and cherish the memories, music and friendship.

Today, I still sing. I don’t sing in a group or in a choir, or really ever in front of a microphone anymore. My steering wheel is usually my captive audience. But my love for music hasn’t changed. If anything I’ve come to understand some of the things that I love so much.

There is something that happens for me when I sing. I feel like me. Through singing, I find that I’m able to process, worship, praise, joy, vent, mourn, grieve, and learn. Music allows me to feel something and to do something with what I feel. There is an emotion that is evoked in the process that is so satisfying and rewarding. There are lyrics or melodies that I sing that just resonate with me and stick with me forever.

So, during this holiday season when music is a little closer to the surface…let it out, sing it out. Today as I stood in line at the store, I found myself humming. Audibly humming. But instead of stopping when I realized it was happening, I hummed anyway. I don’t know if anyone heard me and I don’t much care. I’m grateful for the solace, comfort, peace, protection, perspective, hope, and love that can come into our lives by filling our souls (and even our mouths) with music.


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