I delight in 2015.

erin’s highlights from 2015

—hiked the wave (FINALLY!)—went to the top of the eiffel tower—
—bought a house—
—started a new/additional job—read books contently at the cabin—
—went to the louvre—went to asha in denver—
—had dinner with sus and her sweet boys in denver—had dinner with katie anderson in denver—
—rode a train to the top of europe (jungfraubahn)/bought the most expensive train ride of my life—
—ate belgian chocolate and waffles in belgium—ate french croissants in france—
—ate swiss chocolate in switzerland—ate german chocolate in germany—
—paid 3 euros to get my passport stamped in lichtenstein—
—worked at the salt lake temple as an ordinance worker on saturday mornings—
—went to white pocket/the outerspace of utah—
—went to a byu basketball game—went to a jazz game—
—hiked in the mountains—went to cliff and wade lakes—went on fun dates—
—institute with annemarie—temple nights with mary—enjoying my sweet sissy—
—throwing parties with my sugarhouse roommates—1 year israel reunion—
—10 year weber high reunion—taking daniel home with rachel afterwards—
—hiking antelope island with nat, jd and clarke and porter holding my hand all the way—
—dinner with friends—art market/walk in the rain with cambrie—
—sweet text messages from christin/she learned to text—
—sweet last visits with grandpa bandley—breakfast with dad and grandpa mcquivey—
—fourth of july trip with christin—
—flying over the hudson bay with a full moon reflecting in its icy waters—
—house hunting with dad and christy—ikea and litza’s with mom and LB—
—going on walks in sugarhouse—visits in the park with melanie and her sweet kids—
—play time with carly, kennedy, paige and the twins—
—watching the sandlot on a baseball field—farmer’s market in slc—
—worked in the brides room of the slc temple through the summer—create nights—
—payson temple open house—learning and doing feeding therapy—attending usha–
—swiss days with mom—grandpa and dad helping me move—
—being the ward choir director—
—christin and swim meets—fall leaves drive to guardsman pass—
—house projects every friday with dad—ikea trips with dad—teaching relief society—
—thanksgiving pie making with christin—decorating my home for christmas—
—pumpkin palooza—diet cocalada’s—

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