I delight in a grilled cheese waffle.

Okay, its not so much about the food, its always about who you share it with! Last night, after work, Natalie and I got together. Although she moved back to Utah a couple months ago, we haven’t gotten to play as we would like! Every adventure starts better when you get to see your favorite little people and when one gets sneaky in his scheming to make you stay and keep you in the house. We then found the waffle love truck where we enjoyed delicious liege waffles that make me want to go right back to Brugge and stay a while. Needless to say, eating them with your friends is always fun! I then introduced Nat to Hobby Lobby!! Still in shock she had never been there. We searched for wooden circle tags in just the right size and then found roundy, the cutest “dump” table there ever could be.

Finally, we roamed Downeast to see if we could find something comparable to roundy but instead we just discovered we know one another’s style SO well that we can tell in an instant if its something the other would go for. Being friends since first grade kind of helps that right along!

It was just one of those completely delightful nights which was then topped off by snuggling a clean baby and him making sure I get one more snuggle before I left.

As I drove home, I phoned another friend, Mary. Although we haven’t been friends quite as long, we’re going on 11 years which is so happy! We have only known each other as adults (all be it, young and single ones) but still, its lovely that someone who knew you from the first time you moved out of your parents house and still knows you as someone who owns their own house with a couple degrees and a mission inbetween exists and gets you because their experiences have been very similar in life and your brains are friends.

As we discussed life, tinder, choosing to be happy, general conference, work, friends, housing and family, I just thought to myself, how did I get so blessed in the friend department? I am so grateful for people who just stand as stalwart friends and examples throughout your life. And when you can resume whatever you were talking about the night before at 6:00 am, you know that friendship is real! So abundantly blessed!

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