grateful and delighting

I took a hiatus from writing all together for a while there. Let’s be honest, in the written record of my life, the past 5 years have been very hit and miss.

While I love being able to look back and piece all the pieces of my life together, I truly miss being able to look back at all the things that have made my heart happy and that I have delighted in. While I’m going to make a more concerted effort to pick back up the journal writing, I want to continue sharing my delights here and maybe one day, I will make this a public blog again. One day. Until then, its just here for me, myself and I and my Heavenly Father. I want him to know how grateful I truly am for all the little things and big thigns in my life.

Yesterday was a day of many emotions…
gratitude…because i was in serving in the Lord’s house
overwhelmed…because i finally had to tackle my room and restore order
heartbroken…at hearing that danielle handrahan, one of my converts from my mission had passed away at the age of 22.
hopeful…because i have a family who loves me and i knew they would be a pick me up
in awe…at the beauty of god’s creations as dad and i kayaked at mantua
humble…by a visit to see my dear grandpa bandley. he didn’t say my name, but boy do his eyes light up when I walk in the room. he commented on my dimples, asked me again where i lived and if i liked what i was doing with my life. he told me how much  he loved me and appreciated my visits to see him. his face was just as excited as i looked in his window after leaving and he was waving excitedly and gave me a thumbs up.
happy…as i drove in the driveway to see kitty
compassionate…as i watched craig struggle with loosing his chili’s employee discount card.
thankful…as i watched the founder’s day fireworks with the family last night at lomond view elementary.

i’m so grateful we can feel. i’m so grateful we can love!


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