I delight in an awesome November.

Somehow, here we are. Its the end of November and I went radio silent there in the middle. Not a typical November for me but a great one nonetheless.

I have failed this November in my daily gratitude posting challenge. Sometimes I think this blog is more about my failures in life than my daily delights. But I’m okay with that because its the reality of the situation, the reality of mortality.

I think that could be the summary of what I’ve been grateful for this month…I am grateful for all the experiences of mortality. The good, the bad, the ugly, the happy, the sad, the bright, the bold, the beautiful, the perfect, the hard, the humbling, the dark, the simple, the complex and every experience inbetween whose sum equates to mortality.

The best parts of November included having the best thanksgiving with my family, being 28 with craig for 18 days, celebrating my birthday by a random trip to vegas with mary, visiting my mission trainer and going to the las vegas temple, doing some serious shopping, and starting to be a salt lake city temple worker. It has been a pretty fantastic month to say the least.

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