I delight in friends.

november 5

i write about a lot of things. but one thing that i just don’t blog about as much is my friends. i guess i always feel like its not my place to  disclose their lives. but it is my place to say how much i love them and how much they mean to me.

sometimes i feel like blogs can become about all the cool things i do with all these cool people. that’s not really what this blog is about. there is no correlation between the coolness of things that i do and the things that i post about. actually, most of the cool things i do never ever make it here. that’s pathetic. but true.

the take home point for today though is this. i have been blessed with some really great friends throughout my life. tonight, i went to dinner with one friend i live with, and another one who i haven’t seen since i graduated from byu, oh you know six years ago! (how did that even happen, i mean how did that much time pass?) and you know what i just loved…how much i love them and how much loving them makes me love life!

i love to love people. that’s why i love my job because i get to love so many amazing children and their awesome families and become their coaches and their cheerleaders and even their professional problem solvers…ha ha, not really but sometimes its what i feel like. 🙂

point of the story is this…so many people have come into my life and i feel SO blessed because of it.

that is all.

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