i delight in a month of gratitude-november 1

november 1: grateful we are not made for endings.

i’m back at it. this poor neglected blog/the poor neglected amazing experiences of life that i have not been great at recording, i’m grateful we have repentance, internet and a bedtime. all essentials for this to be successful.

as i took a walk down memory lane over this 27th year of mine, i couldn’t help but think about some endings that have happened this year. i’m so grateful that in april’s general conference, president uctdorf (grateful in any circumstances) said “that in His (Heavenly Father’s) plan there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings.

how beautiful is that? i’m grateful for a new month, another year of living a life of abundant blessings and for beautiful fall weather. i’m in love with november and with everything that comes along with it.

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