I delight in general conference.

The time has come again! General conference is less than a month away.

I love being a Mormon/a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (it’s the same thing) for a lot of reasons. One of them is definitely the knowledge that prophets have been called again in our day, just like in the days of the Old Testament with prophets like Moses, Abraham, and Noah, the Prophet today is President Thomas S. Monson. That’s him in the picture.

He and the Apostles (yes, just like Jesus’ Twelve Apostles) will speak at general conference (a conference that happens twice a year in which all the members of the church, and anyone else is invited to hear from God’s Prophet). They speak the things that the Lord would have us know today. We live in such a unique world. A world where the Lord is hastening his work of salvation. People everyday are coming to know for themselves that Jesus Christ’s church has been restored to the earth and are choosing to follow Him. There is so much good in the world! Along with that though, it seems Satan is waging his war with more force and effort than ever before. The council and teachings given at General Conference are always helpful in helping and strengthening me to know how to fortify myself, my family, and those that I love and am called to serve against those attacks. To continue developing the faith needed to push on, to press forward and to endure.

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