I delight in dancing.

Sometimes I need someone to commit me to doing things that I may chicken out of doing.

For Monday’s FHE, this was the case. We were ballroom dancing. 
History: When I was a Sophomore in high school, I had the most awesome school counselor who thought she had done me the world’s best favor ever…got me into ballroom dance! It’s the class everyone wants into and usually you don’t get to if you’re a girl until you’re a senior, she said. Meanwhile all I was thinking in my head was…except me!  It ended up being a fantastic experience. I only remember two people in my class, but one I still see regularly as she works at the local grocery store. I love it! Ballroom bonded us for life!
Today: Today I was brave. I went to FHE. I have learned from usually being the last person picked for a team (except for frisbee occasionally) and boy-girl paired activities (unless academically related) I avoid such activities or just decide to get over myself and my fears and find a boy rather than wait to be chosen.  The second usually ends up working the best.
Point of the story: It was a blast! I’m so glad I went! I always say, I am an extravert who masquarades very pleasantly as an introvert. The activities that bring out my extravert-ed-ness are good for me! And when it comes to making up dance moves or pretending like I know what I’m doing or stepping on someones toes (not that the last one happened) I love every minute of it! I was also reminded that I shouldn’t let my fears of some things, keep me from doing things that I really love…like dancing!
It’s good to step out of your comfort zone and do things that make you stretch. I need to do it more often. I started out really strong at the beginning of the year but have significantly chickened out since then.  It’s time to kick it back up and just be brave. Be a yes girl. (and have good friends who help you commit to doing things) 
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