I delight in abiding peace.

a really big tree with a goss hawk
ephriam, utah
february 2014

one of my favorite hymms is abide with me ’tis eventide. as a missionary in the missionary training center, my district (or group of missionaries with whom i learned how to be a missionary with) sang this song on our last sunday before departing to our respective missions (some went to canada halifax, some to adelaide australia). and i’ve loved it a little more since then.
i love the word abide. the dictionary says that it means to accept or act in accordance with but another definition means to continue without fading or being lost. 
mortality is all about continuing, enduring. there are lots of ways we can continue, but to continue without fading…how beautiful is that? we are all in a wilderness of sorts, going through trials and having experiences in profound trust. to continue without fading we must have a deep trust, a trust that is deeper than the unknowns of today and tomorrow, the heartache and heartbreak of days to come and the yearnings of an honest soul. we must place an abiding trust in our lord and saviour jesus christ.
as i look at my life sometimes i get easily overwhelmed by all the things i can’t see, all the things i wish i could see and all the pieces of life that i’m not sure how they will play together.  and yet i feel peace. 
that is one of the things that i love the most about the gospel and why i believe and have come to know of its truthfulness. i am a peace seeker. nothing can be a substitute for true abiding peace. peace brings happiness. and that happiness brings hope. these provide a foundation to continue on down the path without being lost and to continue on without failing. to abide with him and in him forever.
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