storm parallels

oregon coast
fall 2014

i love coastal storms. there is something about a storm rolling in off the ocean, causing the waves to swell, the sky to be black, the mists to rise and to for the feeling in the air to completely change.
i love the perspective these types of storms bring. sometimes you can see the blue sky from where you are and on the other side of the storm. sometimes all you can see across the vast expanse of ocean is black with no end in sight. watching the black clouds sweep across the blue sky is reminiscent of life. 
sometimes we are sitting in the sun, basking in all the beauty we are surrounded by, by the view that we have and by the peacefulness that surrounds our present circumstances. 
and then the storm comes rolling in and we say to ourselves, ‘what happened to the sun?’
i know that storms are only temporary. 
this too shall pass and the sun shall again shine upon your face.
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