i delight in choosing to define me

the other day, i had the most enlightening conversation with a friend. she told me of her recent experience transitioning from a singles ward to a family ward. this is an experience for lots of my friends and not necessarily because they are turning 31, but because they are choosing to go to a family ward. i’ve done it too before.

as she told me of her experience she told me that she was introduced as being name who just left the singles ward. to which she continued…can’t i just be name who has a great job, or name who is working on a masters degree, name who owns a car and a house, name who attends the temple every week, name who does family history work, name who is something more than the one who left the singles ward.

i have been thinking of how i define myself.  recently while staying at a friend’s house, i noticed a paper she had hung on her wall. it was a list of sentences she wanted to define her. i wasn’t surprised as i had seen a similar paper on her brother’s wall when i had stayed with her family on a previous occasion.

i was so impressed. it left an impression on me.

the world seeks to define us. i could list you all the things that i have been defined as but instead i want to share five things that i choose to be defined by, that i am striving to be defined by.

i. i am a daughter of a loving heavenly father who knows me, loves me and has a plan for me.
ii. i am a member of the best family in the world.
iii. i am patient and compassionate.
iv. i see the good in those around me.
v. i have a purpose that i have been sent to this earth to fulfill

i challenge you to take the things that you have been “defined as,” write them down, and throw them away. then take the things you want to be “defined by” write them down and put them on your wall.

i know that as we seek to maintain a clear vision of who we are and whose we are that we will more boldly go forward doing hard things and defining ourselves and others better and more accurately.

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