“i wanna see you be brave”

my life runs in themes. right now, there are a few of them. while this isn’t soley or specifically a spiritual lesson, this is something he is really trying to teach me and that he’s been trying to teach me for years. i’m finally starting to catch on.

its a sara barellis song. her songs have been blessings, answers and ironies all too many times in my life before, but her new(er) song brave is like the theme song of my life and honestly, it kind of hit me this week…maybe its the words that heavenly father’s been trying to tell me,

“erin, i want to see you be brave.”

lately i’ve been having all sorts of experiences. good experiences. learning experiences. experiences in profound trust (as a article i recently read put it). new experiences. sad experiences. heart pain growing experiences. i’m having to put my money where my mouth is so to speak and be brave because of these experiences.

i’ve always decribed myself as an extravert who masquarades really well as an introvert until i’m comfortable. the problem is that that comfort line sometimes is like a concrete barrier that i just can’t seem to get over. i know that life would be different if i was just a little more brave. and i’ve always wondered if i could really do it.

and that’s the lesson i’m taking away, he wants to see me (finally) be brave. and here’s the assurance in it all…its about trusting him (and trusting him with profound trust) as i choose to move forward with the assurances i have and trust in good things to come.

it is too easy to sit back and say, welp, i’m doing all the things i should so he should just bless me. well its hard for him to bring somethings (most things) about in our lives when we’re sitting in our houses or hiding out in our comfort zones. we have to step out into the dark, into the less comfortable places and just be brave and trust in the assurances we have been assured with.

people make the scripture “anxiously engaged in a good cause” out to be interpreted many different ways. i think we don’t think about it as often in the light it deserves. anxiously engaged in a good cause is a cause other than ourselves. i am not a cause. when i’m reaching out and concerned with others, that’s the cause we should be dealing with and focusing on.

now i write this with all the bravery of my soul but me as mortal erin is just plain terrified. so my goal is to try to be brave rather than try to not be brave. i’m going to do things i’ve never done. i’m going to try things i’ve never tried. i’m going to try my hardest to be brave and to put myself in new places with new people doing new things because he just wants me to be brave.

do you ever feel those challenges to rise to the call that has come your way?
what areas does the lord want you to be brave in?
have you listened to how awesome this song is? (check it out here, but the music video is strangely likeable…the song is good, the lyrics are excellent)

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