I delight in a thankful thanksgiving.

christin making pie
thanksgiving 2013

I love thanksgiving. This thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for. I’m grateful to have been able to make an extra effort in delighting daily.

25) I delight in happy Monday’s.  Today was a happy Monday. Maybe it was because of the happy kids I saw, maybe it was the notification of my holiday bonus…its just so hard to say. What it really boils down to is that its my favorite time of the year. I love the holidays. I love that my mind is like a really good Christmas radio station and sometimes its all I can do not to just sing the “now playing” hit at the top of my lungs, or at least hum or sing it softly where’re I may be.

26) I delight in being a visiting teacher. I’m so grateful to get to know and serve some sisters in my ward just a little better. I truly look forward to being able to visit them each month in their homes (or at least try to). It always ends up being one of the highlights of my month.  Having an awesome companion always helps too!

27) I delight in making pie AND cake. Christin was the best handmixer ever. We had a blast, and concluded our baking extravaganza with a dance party. Mom always thinks we’re crazy. I always think we’re the best! 🙂 I also delighted in Christin’s “gothic salad dressing” comment. I wish I could remember the quote exactly, but it was awesome. Take my word for it.

28) I delight in Craig having a happy birthday and being able to spend the day with family. I love the uninterrupted, no other agenda days except to be home, with my family, having a good time. I’m grateful for the thanksgiving season that turns everyones hearts to what they’re grateful for. I personally have so much to be thankful for. My soul delighteth in the things of the Lord because I know that all the blessings in my life are due to Him.

29) I delight in mother-daughter time. Mom and I pretended to be serious Black Friday Shoppers.  When we walked into Target at 7:00 am, the crowds were long gone from 8 pm Thanksgiving evening, it was great. We shopped to our hearts content, had a hobbits brunch and then shopped some more. I’m grateful for a mom who gets me, puts on her classic smile when she says well that looks like you and has my back when it comes to talking to cute boys in line. She’s awesome!

30) I delight in knowing how to handle a gun. In my house, this is considered a life skill, and I think its important. I’m grateful for a dad who teaches me a portion of what he knows and is kind and patient when I ask really ridiculous questions. I’m also glad he knows everyone we ever see at the gun range.

1) I delight in November. What a month it was. I’m so grateful I was able to make a more concentrated effort in delighting because I haven’t been so good at it lately. I can honestly say that it helps me see with more clear eyes all the ways the Lord blesses me. I would challenge that you join me in delighting daily. In December I am turning my focus to delighting in my Savior Jesus Christ and his teachings.  There are so many things I have learned in my study of His gospel this year that I want to share some of those lessons and treasures here. As one of my favorite Christmas song’s poses the question, “what shall we give to the babe in the manger?” I hope to be able to give my testimony and to stand as a witness for him for all who may read this blog, that we may be strengthened and heed the invitation to come to Him.

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