then sings my soul

duck on a log
big springs, island park, idaho
august 2013
today in sacrament meeting we sang how great thou art. i always think of my granny because we sang this song at her funeral. it was the second (or third) funeral i’d ever been to. i always thought it to be a strange song for a funeral. as we sang it today (it always helps when you have an impressive singer sitting next to you) and sang the lines,
when through the woods and forest glades i wander and hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees, when i look down from lofty mountains grandeur and there proclaim, my god how great thou art.
i realized that all weekend, i had been so overwhelmed by my heavenly father and the beauty of his creations but i hadn’t been able to put it into words. and rightfully so, how could their be fitting words to describe the vastness, depth, simplicity and complexity of nature and all therein contained? that’s why i love music. although a song is made of words, music brings a beauty that extends beyond the semantics of words. and i there in could proclaim, my god how great thou art.
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