bucket list: promontory, utah

promontory ranch
may 2013
i delight in fishing. i kind of always have. i liked the concept of fishing…throwing my line out, being able to get distracted, think, let my mind wander and ponder and then…tug tug tug…and i caught a fish. over time i’ve developed a love for fly fishing which takes a little more of an active mind than good ‘ole bait fishing but possibly even more relaxing and pounds more fun. i loved being able to get our for the first time this season with my dad to a new place, the atk ranch. it’s in the middle of no where which is part of its beauty. a gem in the desert we had the place to our selves with the exception of the caretaker, his dogs and a mindful horse who seemed to enjoy whinnying at us when he thought we were doing things we ought not (like taking kayak’s out on the bass and bluegill pond). 
after a delightful day of good fishing, kayaking, photography and a sunburn. the day was topped off by going to see the reenactment of the wedding of the rails (uniting of the transcontinental railroad).  more pictures of that later, but it was definitely on my bucket list of things to do. i’m a true lover of utah history and pretty much everything i learned about utah in fourth grade–the indians, the songs of all the counties (which i can still sing all 29), the rocks, the trains, the pioneers…i delight in it all.
and so here’s to meeting a bucket list goal. welcoming in summer the right way. and celebrating an awesome half birthday. 
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