delighting in 18/52: progress, lessons and prayer

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may 2012
How has it been an entire year since graduation? It actually feels like I’ve been an SLP forever, and I don’t even have my CCC’s yet. I still love it though and I’m so grateful to be where I’m at right now.
It has been a fantastic week. No near death experiences on the freeway, no getting hit on by old men (I don’t think that post ever made it on here), and no other crazy out of the ordinary things to report on this week.
One of my biggest delights of the week is exercising. I’ve finally gotten back outside on a regular basis, and I love it! (And need it!) I don’t know how I survive winter.  Friday was my first real Friday off in forever. I got up and went on a walk early enough that only the junior high kids are out waiting for the school bus. As I walked on the usual route, I listened to conference talks. I also had the Nike Running App letting me know when I’d gone 15 minutes, reminding me how out of shape I am. Surely it must know I’m walking with that many minutes to go one mile. Oi! Anyway, as I walked and pondered the gospel, I just kept thinking…step by step.
Step by step, we just keep going. Today in sacrament meeting, a few people talked about how they weren’t sure why they were where they were in their lives right now but that they’d figure it out and be grateful for the experience. Then someone else stood up and said how she has come to realize how the Lord really does want us to be happy, even in times of trial. She said, “God’s plan is called the Plan of Happiness for a reason, he means for us to be happy.” And I agree. Life in the gospel is not easy and we can never and should never confuse easiness for happiness…those words have no relation in that way. Life takes work and life in the gospel requires work. Work brings happiness because work also brings progress. God’s plan is all about progress. It’s about who you were, who you are and who you can become.  
Step by step we make it where we need to be. Sometimes I feel I’m not stepping and I’m actually just shuffling…but it’s still moving forward. It’s still progress and we can’t discredit progress. 
And so, this week, as I have seen bucket list dreams become not just possibilities but realities…I think of how mindful my Heavenly Father is of me. That he cares about what I care about, not just about what I think he cares about. My prayers need to reflect this too…I need to tell him about all my problems, hopes and desires, not just the ones I think He will care about because all the ones I care about, He can and will care about.
I delight in hope. I delight in new adventures. I delight in trying. 
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