i delight in the way things work out.

quick chat moment…

things with me work are good, things with me family are good, things with me room are a disaster.

my mind is like my room, a disaster.  there are so many things rattling around that there is little order. in this fact, i do not delight.

i do however delight in the things that i can’t see but that the lord can see. i delight in following those little promptings, even when i don’t understand them. i delight in the things that didn’t work out even when i thought i wanted them to. i delight in those moments when i see what i once couldn’t see but now i see so so clearly. heavenly father is so kind that way. and in some ways i also think he just must have a great sense of humor. and so, i am grateful that he humors me and protects me through this mortal experience.

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