delighting in 8/52


so much to be grateful for.

first of all, can i just tell you how delighting daily is my saving grace? it helps me so much in seeing the bright side of things, the light at the end of the tunnel, the sparkle on the rain and the sunshine among the shadows.

i try and start each weekly post at the beginning of the week; however it doesn’t usually actually get started until thursday, friday, saturday or sometimes sunday (night!). truth. needless to say however; i am constantly thinking of things that need to go on the list.

i delighted in a spontaneous hug and kiss from a patient who usually only seems to tolerate me.
being asked if i was still miss erin, even though i had short hair. hair comments. sewing my carrot table runner with my mom. it’s so cute. institute night, cocoa and birthday celebrations with the best cupcakes ever. seriously so good. wearing the red shoes. bright pants (love that trend). seeing progress in severe phonological process kiddos. laughing, a lot. pinning down my opinions. eating burned pancakes for dinner. getting sleep. studying for a sunday lesson. the bunny bunting sitting on my desk that i started last year. being able to see my work desk at the end of the week. tax surprises. tax lessons. making easy connections. friends. revelation. people who just say it like it is and who are who they are. new friends who tell you good things about their lives, recommend books you should read and believe in the ability to change. driving. early morning temple trips. sitting and discussing the scriptures and things i’ve learned. watching couples waiting to be sealed in the temple and being grateful for eternal perspective. salt lake city. celebrating my grandpa’s 92 year old birthday. preparing for lessons. learning lessons. hearing christin use the word “several” in a sentence. taking pictures of a full moon. finance discussions with my dad. dinner with friends. visiting. hearing a song that reminds me so much of my mission (we can be together forever someday). having a dad willing to go supervise while i dig rocks in the snow. reading books. attempting to start family history more seriously (its a step right?).

having a week of experiences that have intricately yet simply connected to my gospel studies. faith, trials, covenants and charity.

***in case you’re wondering what the deal is with the lines below and the random links underneath. its just where i post some of the week’s influences–things i’ve heard, read, thought about, watched or discovered that have been thought provoking or that i’ve just liked for one reason or another. fyi.
trial of your faith, elder neal l. andersen
bretheren, we have a work to do, elder d. todd christofferson
“i need the spirit more than i need the sleep.”
the atonement can secure your peace and happiness, elder scott
mountains to climb, mormon message
1 peter 1:7-9
ether 12:6
lessons from the life of peter the apostle: the first great commandment, elder holland

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