happy fall y’all!

family picture
23 september 2012
mantua, ut

fall has arrived here in the great state of utah! is is my favorite season of them all.  if i could, i would live in the season of fall!

this week has been truly delightful in all sorts of twisted ways. it is always true that in some low times in life, we find /realize some of our greatest blessings. and so it is.

  • brigham city temple dedication
  • kayaking and a trip to maddox in the company of great friends
  • reading general conference addresses and finding some gems that hadn’t stood out before
  • figuring out what my research group is really going to research (still in the works)
  • going to the dentist and having NO cavities
  • deciding which pies i’m going to make for thanksgiving dinner
  • making pumpkin cookies
  • driving to see the fall leaves with family
  • enjoying family dinner with my family on a weeknight
  • sunday family dinner with the grandparents
  • being invited to sit with an adorable couple at maddox (because there were no tables at the drive in) who i happened to actually know
  • wearing a scarf, sweater, and boots
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