delighting in a delightful week

have i posted this picture before?

according to my computer, i took it 18 months ago at the salt lake institute building.
it was the first picture that popped up on my picture feed and it made me laugh so i’m sharing it with you. a pre-marriage stake? it sounds like an advertisement or something.

another week has come and gone as blogging has recently become a weekly event these days.
so here are the daily delights of the week–

sunday: watching lb socialize at my ward (adorable!). going visiting teaching with lb to our amazing neighbor.
monday: sleeping in.
tuesday: having time to write my reflection paper. being flexible. learning how to organize.
wednesday: loving my job. institute.
thursday: got the hammock i won in the mail!  thank you trek light!  🙂
friday: my amazing research group. urlend. temple. the classiest reception ever (yay for allyson and rob). seeing my second family. sleepovers and catching up with mary about jobs/life.
saturday: autism speaks walk. meeting more primary’s staff. being home (finally!)

overall its been a delightful week.

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