hello september, i’m glad you’re here!

it’s sister weekend here and i can think of no better way to ring in my favorite season.
i loved driving up south temple today, toward the mountains and then continuing my drive up sunnyside to the zoo.  the trees are looking SO beautiful and i think my fall leave ride has to be bumped to next week so as not to miss them in their prime! whose in?

lb and i rang in one of my favorite months with real class today!  we went to the zoo.  i only go to the zoo every 5-7 years or so because the zoo makes me sad but i am proud to say, i made it and i didn’t cry! it’s a serious accomplishment.  christin’s favorite part of the zoo was the gorilla who just happened to walk right up to the window to say hello (i’m pretty sure that actually happened the last time we were there).  my favorite part was definitely the polar bear!  boy does he know how to put on a show, seriously, he was kicking off the glass, floating on his back and then doing flips in the water.  he would even climb out of the water and jump of the rock (okay jump, fall, you know what i mean). he was adorable.  i was sad the otters weren’t out though. ezra made me SO excited salt lake was finally getting otters!

a trip to salt lake wouldn’t be complete without going to litzas. yummy as ever.  our favorite waitress was even there, marie.  she knows our routine down to passing a cup of blue cheese off for ranch for christin to dip her pizza in since their blue cheese is gluten free and their ranch is not.

on the way home, we almost got washed down our street–torrential rain storm. the weather is CRAZY! the rest of the day we watched movies, i worked on my paper, we sorted all of christin’s alphabet beads (quite the task) and occasionally went out to throw the dog a bone.  literally, ruby needed some exercise , more so distraction actually.  so i played catch with her–50 throws wears her out for a little while.  but no less.  absolutely no less.  what a dog.

essentially, september is off to a great start.

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