The perfect balance and bouncing back.

It has been an interesting weekend here.  You know those times where you make a plan and then none of it happens?  That’s been my weekend.  

But as in everything, there are lessons to be learned.  Bouncing back and moving on and up is so important and crucial.

One of the greatest lessons and greatest delights that I want to share is something I learned last week at church.  We had some fantastic talks about charity.  Charity is something I’m always striving for and subsequently falling short of.  Defined, charity is the pure love of Christ.  This is something I’ve always been taught and have known and have been striving for.  But something I’d never really thought of is how critical the role of forgiveness is in the whole ‘becoming charitable’ process.  

And so in the bouncing back process…enter forgiveness.  So grateful to know these principles and how beautifully they all work together for good.

*LB, the perfect balance to life.

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