I delight in new moments.

This picture overlooks a slide area where an earthquake changed the landscape in a moment once 20+ years ago.

By 1:00 today, things were different.
In a good way, potentially.
The one thing we can always depend on is change.
I wasn’t expecting change today.
But change is what I got.
And I was okay with that.

One day I won’t be so cryptic.
But for now, that’s all you get.

In more understandable terms…good news.
I got the magical paper that tells me I have the appropriate amount of clinical hours to:
a) graduate with my Masters
b) one day apply for my CCC’s once my 1400 hour CFY is done
c) get paid to work as an SLP

I just don’t know which of those is the most exciting.
A, B, and C all rock!

In closing, I’m grateful that each second is a new moment.
We never have to wait for a new day because we have a new moment each moment of our lives.
New moments mean more opportunities to give up old ways.
New moments mean that it only takes a second for life as we know it to change.
Sure we know that but until it happens…it can be easy to forget.
Let us appreciate each moment and treasure it like it is the most prized thing in the world.

In a moment, everything can change.

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