I delight in daily ducks.

At least once a week, I stop for ducks.

I’m not even kidding.  Sometimes it’s just one duck crossing the road, somedays its a few mallards, one day it was two couples and today it was a mama duck with 10 of her tiny babies.  I love ducks.

Every time the ducks make me stop in the middle of the road it seems to be when I’m in a hurry.


I’m running late for my externship and something has already has me flustered by 8 in the morning.

Stopping for ducks once I didn’t think much about it.
Stopping for ducks twice made me smile.
Stopping for ducks a third time made me smile and think perhaps this weekly stopping is not a random occurrence.
Stopping for ducks a fourth time got me thinking…what am I to learn from you ducks?

As I watched the mama duck today hop off the curb in front of the church and lead the way to the safety of the ditch as all her babies huddled around her I thought…you rock mama duck!

It’s the mama’s job to keep everyone safe and to be on top of things.

As future job is still firming up for me…I keep thinking…what’s my job right now?  What should I be learning right now?  Life has gone through a dramatic shift over the past week and I suspect it will continue.  Life has gone from being absolutely totally crazy busy to…well…less crazy and soon we may dwindle to a not close to crazy.

Part of me wants to climb in bed and sleep for the next month (because I feel my body will never recover from all this sleep depravation) but the other part of me says…aw, forget it, move on, forget yourself and go to work.

And so here we are…going to work.  Taking time to slow down, look along the path and serve wherever possible.

This message brought to you by the ducks of Northern Utah.

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