I delight in a good scripture study idea.

One of these days, I am going to post pictures from graduation…and talk about graduation, but not today.

No today I am going to talk about grad school and a lovely little thing I learned about called a “S.O.A.P. Note.”  My colleagues and I always talked about how we had “soaps to write,” “soaping to do,” “how we had to go soap it up” and we often asked if another wanted to have a “soap party.”  Of course I’m not talking about water, soap, lather, rinse, repeat…I’m talking about: Subjective Objective Assessment Plan.

Via Pinterest, I found this blog.  This woman talks about “How S.O.A.P. Changed [Her] Life.”

For “S” she writes down a particular scripture verse or section.
For “O” she writes down her observations.
For “A” she writes out an application in her own life.
For “P” she writes out a prayer of response.

Now I do not believe this good sister in Christ shares my faith but I value and appreciate her sharing of this great scripture study tool.  What a great way to focus on the most important part of scripture reading–applying the scripture to your own life and seeking to know what He would have you learn.

Isn’t that great!

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