I delight in Grad School Graduation.

I posted this same collection (close) on facebook but I had to post it here because well…this blog will outlive my facebook and this is the space I can give a little more commentary. This graduation was a really big deal to me.  It doesn’t even seem quite real yet.  You see while education has Read more about I delight in Grad School Graduation.[…]

The perfect balance and bouncing back.

It has been an interesting weekend here.  You know those times where you make a plan and then none of it happens?  That’s been my weekend.  But as in everything, there are lessons to be learned.  Bouncing back and moving on and up is so important and crucial.One of the greatest lessons and greatest delights Read more about The perfect balance and bouncing back.[…]

I delight in the Ogden Half #2.

Once upon a time, two girls were best friends.  They survived elementary school, junior high school and high school together. They went to separate universities but stayed best friends.  They graduated with their bachelors, thought masters degrees were good ideas and looked forward to the day they would graduate in spring of 2012.  To get Read more about I delight in the Ogden Half #2.[…]

I just want to go here.

courtesy of bia website may means memorial day memorial day means the snow is leaving/left no snow means summer summer means cabin cabin means a place by the lake i love lake love means the picture above ready to go…anytime!