I delight in entertaining days.

Let’s just discuss for a moment how awesome what I get to do every day is.
Here’s some quotes that capture my day:
“That /r/ is still really tricky isn’t it…”
“Yeah how about you work on understanding my /r/’s”
“I don’t have apnea, I just stop breathing.”
“You mean church?”
“That what I say.”
“No, you didn’t say church, you said, fwerend.”
“Here, have a mint, next time I’ll bring you a milkshake.” *can you say bribery!
“Harder? Bring it on.”
Oh, and if you’re wondering what in the world the youtube video has to do with anything…I played it today to help a patient remember the word Earl. They’d never heard it before and I think by the end of the song…they thought I was crazy…however, I think there’s no way the name Earl can ever be forgotten.
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