I delight in lessons in love.

mom and lb after she won a gold medal in special olympics bowling on her birthday!

me and craig on the last day of carpooling to work together, for now anyway.


I just keep learning them.
Lately though, I have had a more difficult time articulating my strong feelings in to words. I’ve realized more than ever as of late, that life is dynamic. And that dynamic is difficult to get used to because circumstances are always changing. Circumstances as I know will be different in the future as they are now different than they were in the past.
Things change, people change, but we go with it, try our hardest and make it work. Things can and will work together for our good. Our abilities and capacities can and will be expanded to handle whatever comes our way. That is a blessing to know but difficult to remember always.
It is the simple things that have been getting me through. For example:
  • Last night, LB and I were “eggosizing agether” (translation: exercising together) and as I watched her trying to keep up with Jillian Michaels (which is difficult for us all…right?) I couldn’t help but smile at her willingness to try and to have a blast doing it.
  • Earlier in the week, as Craig and I were driving to work, we saw a peacock running up the side of our road. Craig loves peacocks, loves them. He was thrilled!
  • Mom and I have been getting up early and walking. Having Mom all to myself is a rarity so I know to appreciate it and enjoy every minute when it happens.
  • I’ve had some good chats with Craig, even though the circumstances are trying, I am so grateful for the relationship we have.
The point of the story is that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. Even the awkward, uncomfortable, even flat out embarrassing moments of life can help us to have greater capacities to love and to appreciate the small and simple things.
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