I delight in “just sitting.”

There are very few people you can “just sit with” for an evening and leave feeling like you did something so much more exciting than what you actually just did.

For some, just sitting can be awkward.
Of course, just sitting isn’t staring at another person for a couple hours, oh no, it’s talking about the nearest book in the room, or that recent news report. It is catching up on recent events, activities, movies, books and thinking about what lies ahead. It is laughing but rarely crying. It’s bouncing ideas, planning future activities (pencil and planner included) and dreaming about future adventures. It is counting down the last 60 seconds, so as not to appear too boring and leave at an unearthly early hour :). It is going home with more shoes than you left with.
Just sitting is just what I needed.
p.s. it is also essential that randomly breaking into the water buffalo song be completely acceptable.
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