I delight in general conference.

I love general conference and I have been looking forward to it for a while now. Each general conference, I have a particular question in mind as I participate in conference. Each time, my question is answered. Try it. It’s fantastic! God still speaks to man today. Is there really a better delight than that?

I delight in picture taking.

Until today, I hadn’t taken a “real picture” (aka, with a camera that is not my iphone) since Christmas. Spending time with LB and the dogs was just the ticket. This summer, I fully intend to take more real pictures. Pictures of people, pictures of places, pictures of unique things.

I delight in integration.

“Pondering often precedes contentment.” During a Sunday School discussion of 2 Nephi 31-33, the same word kept coming to mind. Integrate. As a “Graduate Student SLP” I have spent a bit of time working on thought integration with patients. Particularly those with right CVAs (or cerebral vascular accidents, otherwise known as a stroke). These discussions Read more about I delight in integration.[…]