I delight in both delights and un-delights.

life lately is rather representative in this picture


  • having 3 kiddo’s happily sitting on my lap–apparently my lap was the prime lap landing spot
  • actually doing my hair–i used my blowdryer and everything
  • imagining what i look like carrying around my life in bags
  • the nice man who let me merge on wakara way at 5:50–late to my 6:00 class (as usual)
  • having a kiddo tell me that the picture of the judge on the BBTOP was President Thomas S. Monson, and that the church is a temple–you can so easily pick those mormon children
  • having the opinion of a friend validate my thoughts
  • not getting tired during class
  • switchfoot’s new cd–definitely a new sound but i am in love (its a mood matcher as of late)–the afterlife is definitely my favorite song
  • actually writing 2 of 3 soaps
  • finding my green monkey
  • getting necessary ‘amazon’ books in the mail
  • the crazy traffic on wakara way–seriously, it is OUT of control and I can’t stand it
  • eating primarily quiche–i love quiche, that’s why i took the time to make it yesterday–that and i had all the ingredients but 3 meals of quiche in one day–ai yai yai
  • the random muscle twitches i seemed to have acquired throughout the day
  • the day is not over yet
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