I delight in America.

It started out like any other day. Ten years ago today.

It was a day never to be forgotten.
Every September 11th, I go through that day just, 10 years ago, in my head. The morning of September 11, 2011, I woke up never having heard the names “world trade tower” “osama bin laden” or even really the word “terrorist” for that matter. It was that day that my life, my generation was changed forever. The world has never been the same since then.
While most of those changes seem to be negative…some positive changes have also happened. Like what happened in this man’s life and the change that happened in the hearts of people in Gander, and the change that has happened in my life.
I think its important to reflect and remember the feelings we each individually and collectively felt this very day just 10 years ago. Let us always remember that each day must be cherished!
For further enlightenment, read the On Faith section of the Washington Post, written by President Thomas S. Monson.
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