I delight in slc.

One thing I never thought I’d whole heartedly delight in is living in Salt Lake.

For years Salt Lake was the short-term destination-either for the hospital, a wedding, the engineering building at the U, a concert, shopping but never staying long term. Never.
Moving here was an adjustment–living where I do helped. Its the city but not up here in the aves. I love going walking, driving and sitting in various places around here.
I feel SL and I have really bonded in the past year. We’ve grown and changed together.
In some ways it seems forever longer than a year, and in other ways it seems like only yesterday that I sat on temple square with my best friend and she reminded me to breathe. Literally yesterday, we sat among strange trees near the same location as last year pondering what the next year would bring in both of our lives.
Change is in the air. I always feel change in cities because they change at a more rapid rate than rural country areas do. This time I feel the change within myself, change in my surroundings, change around me.
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