I delight in containment.

One of the many joys of fishing in a row boat in the middle of a lake is that whoever you’re sharing the boat with–is contained to the same space as you unless they decide to jump in.

You can only take what you’ve got–and in a small space that means–poles, lures, nets, drinks, life jackets, and the fish blanket. So none of those other distractions (except the iphone–its more of a disagreement solver than anything else though) that live in your personal space (or at least in mine, the rest of the time) e.g. computer, text books, papers, etc.
There is something about spending time on a lake, fishing…waiting for something to happen that is so fantastic. Fishing is fun…no matter what anyone else says.
Fly-fishing is the most fun, but watching Christin fish with a worm and bobber–is pretty classic!
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