I delight in U2.

I am my mother’s daughter. We enjoy almost all the same music. She’s taught me all about the music of her day. She can even tell you how old she was when certain songs came out. I teach her all about the music of today. She starts out not liking at all and then warms up to it and in some cases ends up liking it more than I do! Examples: Switchfoot, Ben Folds, The Fray, Lady Antebellum, and others I can’t think of right now.
Well Tuesday, U2 came to Salt Lake City. They pretty much shut down the University of Utah campus by 2, clients at the clinic even cancelled their appointments to avoid the traffic.
I was so lucky to be invited to go by these fabulous ladies! I’ve nominated myself to be their adopted sister! I think I’ve been to almost every concert ever with Natalie. Christie and Emily have been along on a lot of the concert ventures as well! This one however, is one never to be forgotten. Natalie warned us that we’d be be speechless and that we were. We had fantastic (and bonus, probably the cheapest) seats. We even got to watch U2 jump in cars after and drive away. We also had a getaway route planned so we got back to my place super quick.
Another fantastic memory with my best friend!

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