I delight in written word.

I am a journal writer. I’ve been a journal writer for years and as much as it tempts me to convert to typing my journal, I just can’t do it.

While writing, whether it be typed or handwritten is very therapeutic, I love hand-writing. I love the thinking that hand-writing requires. I can type so fast that I am sorely tempted to write things I don’t mean when I’m on a ‘mind spill.’ Besides, this keyboard has a delete key. A joy I find in writing in my journal, is that whatever I write is real and its written forever, it can’t just be deleted with the click of a button.
And so as I finished another journal last night I reflected on the portion of my life it contains. Each journal has its own story, its own time slot of my life. This one will always be significant in so many ways. From last July to the present, a big learning curve has come into my life. Today is the start of another story in a way. Another journal and its bigger and will take me longer to fill it up. The adventure excites me. Just knowing that currently my life is unwritten but that I already have new opportunities and experiences to record in its pages. If its any foreshadow of what is to come, all I know is that it will be good.
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