I delight in institute.

Institute is a program in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the Young Single Adults in the church (there are classes available for those who are older, and a seminary program for high school age students) to continue learning in the gospel. Institutes are often located near the campus’ of most major Universities in the United States (and elsewhere) or are held in nearby chapels and homes. Its a great opportunity to learn about the gospel in a group with peers.
Tonight I went to a class on the Book of Moses, found in the Pearl of Great Price. 10 weeks of class, 8 chapters. Tonight we had the opportunity to talk about the plain and most precious truths that were removed from the Bible as we now know it. We discussed how the world would be different had just the first Chapter of Moses (or Genesis as we know it) not been changed, most of the confusion about the nature of God, our relationship to him, our purpose, the role of our Savior Jesus Christ, the existence of Satan, and the fact that God speaks and not spake would all be so clear.
My gratitude deepened for a 14-year old boy who read James 1:5, who believed that God would hear his prayer and who had the faith to act on the answer he received. Out of the darkness came light, a brighter day, the restoration of the Gospel. To learn more about the restoration and about the Prophet Joseph Smith, click here.
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