I delight in the opening of doors.

Life has a fantastic way of opening doors. Today I feel one was opened. Nothing really spectacular happened, its a culmination of a million tiny little things lately. My ‘purpose’ is being refined and in a way redefined by life’s experiences in such a way that all of my life has prepared me for this moment. God has a way of pulling things like that off. What a blessing he can see the bigger picture and that He can let us have glimpses.

The saying I’m living by today, one of my personal commandments I suppose you could call them is, “Don’t be distracted.” I think I could have recognized the guiding hand of my Heavenly Father more clearly a while ago, but I got distracted. And so, I’ve put limits on somethings (the internet, the news, ‘fluffy books’) that are ‘distractions’ and have put ‘must-do’ stamps on things that keep me from being distracted–prayer, scripture study, pondering, meditation, journal writing (this one is KEY for me!) etc.
Simple lessons I’ve learned about a thousand times now but He is patient and I am a work in progress.
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