I delight in school in the summer.

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Okay, it’s a delight in the works. Let’s be honest, school in the summer is both good and bad. I’ve done it twice before so its nothing new but previous class loads have been oodles lighter than this one. Having said that, this course load is going to be boat loads more interesting than previous ones. I have an entire course about Autism Spectrum Disorders–how cool is that? I also get to have a class about Motor Speech Disorders and about Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation (not to be confused with pediatric audiology which I have already taken but doesn’t count–I’m not bitter don’t worry!).

The 1 week break from school I have just completed was absolutely fantastic and much needed. Family, friends, hiking, sewing and sleeping…all things that make me extremely happy. I feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running…ready set…
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